Julie (Original Single) by ZADAR

TOP BEST HITS Julie (Original Single) by ZADAR

The current one-man band ZADAR aka Antonio G has released a new original single called "Julie" a post punk gothic rock single that will get you moving and humming to its mesmerizing beat and tempo that will make you get into the flow of the rhythm.

Julie (Original Single) by ZADAR is an addictive track to listen to with its hypnotic vocals that give a unique feel to the single with the repetitiveness and vocal effects it gets you into a trance state with its catchy beat.

I can't wait to someday watch Zadar perform "Julie" Live on stage. I am in shock at how talented Antonio G is being the solo member of Zadar for now and playing the guitar, bass, and drum machine, as well as vocalizing this track. You must give Rising star Zadar a listen, especially the band's newest single, "Julie. "

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