Judayy Judayy Judayy / Buffalo’s on The Blitz (Original Single) By RAM!

JUST ROCK Judayy Judayy Judayy / Buffalo’s on The Blitz (Original Single) By RAM!

Someone finally did it... and I’m glad it’s RAM! It’s always been intriguing to me why artists release one single when they’ve got another one ready just as good, and that’s exactly what this talented band has done. After all, everyoneknows good things come in twos: Twix Chocolate, Couples, "Judday Judday Judday" and "Buffalo’s On the Blitz".

RAM! is an interesting band that simply makes good-for-fun music. They’re a diverse pop and rock band from Buffalo, New York, featuring three talented artists from the same family! Music must be running in their blood to pull that one off. Drawing influence and motivation from the likes of The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Wings, Elton John, Billy Joel, and Prince, the band has already been regarded as one of the fastest-rising and most successful Pop-Rock bands by Buffalo Retro. As an artist that experienced their unique music, I agree that these three do have what it takes to pull it off globally.

"Judayy Judayy Judayy" is the first song of the duo, featuring an energetic fun tune that is perfect for your everyday summer parties and gatherings. Guitars, piano, drums, and whatever else you might name, they’ve managed to have it stashed somewhere in this single. It’s a flawless rhythmic instrumental perfection with an unequivocal lyrical performance that will get everyone off their chairs and vibing.

"Buffalo's on the Blitz" seems like the band is just showing off their rock skills at this point. The song is a true masterpiece of production and instrumental performance that demands attention, featuring guitar solos, drum solos, piano solos, and a little bit of everything in between. It is full of energy and just a general good vibes song that you should blast out at your next gathering.

RAM! has been making music since 2021 but is slowly building its fan base and identity. With their performance already identified by magazines in under a year, the future does look promising, but they’re counting on your support to guide them through. Stream their songs, enjoy their music, and discover their talents through Spotify or SoundCloud. Check out https://linktr.ee/thesoundofram to gain access to all their social media platforms and pages.

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