It’s Not Over (Original Single) By Onism E

JUST ROCK It’s Not Over (Original Single) By Onism E

The outstanding band Onism E returns with a new title track "It's Not Over," a track that will define the band's future style. The song is a cross of dream pop and alt-rock, making it a song for everyone.

The tune begins with charming guitar riffs that are so beautiful and peaceful that you can't help but fall in love with it from the first listen. Mixing wonderful vocal harmonies with brilliantly done guitar rhythms, soothing basslines, and incredible rhythm sequencing makes it even more calming. This entire music works well, plus there are some hidden instruments inside the tune that you must catch when listening.

I think the best part of music mixing and production is hiding instrumentals between the vocals and chords, this way the listener will keep replaying it and pay more attention to the track.

To take the song to the next level, the band's main vocalist has one of the most passionate vocals I've ever heard. Her voice is gritty and highly expressive, providing depth and emotion to the words; she's an excellent performer on the mic.

This song's theme is extremely deep, with emotional and honest lyrics such as "I have no idea what I'm doing here, Life has kicked me down more times than I thought it would ." Many individuals may connect to these lines; sometimes we feel like we don't fit in and that life is pushing us down and not giving us a break, which leads to despair and other problems. However, the singer goes on to say that she, too, has had these experiences in life and that she is here to support us and provide a helping hand, with the lyrics "No one is being left behind, No baby I got you". I was overjoyed while listening to these lyrics and hearing her voice. You could tell by the rawness and intensity in her singing that she meant every word she spoke. This is what defines Onism E: they don't simply produce music for people to listen to; they make music to connect with people via their hearts as well as their ears, which is amazing.

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