It’s Always Been You (Original Single) By Antony Alexander

TOP BEST HITS It’s Always Been You (Original Single) By Antony Alexander

Antony Alexander is an electronic dance music subculturalist based on the outskirts of London devoted to creating musical pieces that spark passion. He has spent his early life experimenting with synthesizers and contemplating the creative potential of music.

His latest track, "It’s Always Been You," represents a triumphant homecoming that will keep the listener engaged long after the final beat. Conceived, performed, and produced entirely by Alexander himself using Logic Pro and virtual instruments, this track abstains from instrument loops, with only Alexander working masterfully on all the components of the song.

The track opens with upbeat keys that are as intoxicating as a warm summer day on the beach. Golden synth cascade like waves, their gentle tide coaxing the listener into a languid and nonchalant state of mind. Additional layers of melody, harmony, and percussion unfold, instilling delight akin to losing oneself in ecstatic dance. A surging beat arises, anchoring the composition with a steady heartbeat while complex percussion and pouring melodies create the illusion of freewheeling improvisation.

The sonic textures exhibit a spontaneous yet masterfully calibrated interplay, at once unleashing creativity and demonstrating technical finesse. Each element has been crafted to fire up the spirit while still serving the overarching vision, striking a balance of carefree revelry and studied refinement. As new layers accrue, a nostalgic quality emerges, reminiscent of late-night sets in dimly lit clubs pulsing with sound. The synths and keys evoke a genre-bending nostalgia, suggestive of happy-go-lucky jam sessions that seamlessly blend house, techno, disco, and more.

Antony Alexander has created an aural elixir guaranteed to transcend the every day and enthrall the listener in unadulterated ecstasy. "It’s Always Been You" is a paean to liberation, presence of mind, and uninhibited vitality that elevates the spirit and quickens the senses.

Those in search of an escape from the routines and responsibilities of life need to only press play. This track delivers a euphoric immediacy and momentum linking the listener to something vast, and infinite. Within these sounds lives a transcendence of the mundane and opportunity to connect with satisfaction in its purest form. Listen to "It’s Always Been You" and follow Antony Alexander to hear more compositions tailored to ignite the soul and facilitate adventures in sound.

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