Isles of You (Original Album) By Lump200

TOP BEST HITS Isles of You (Original Album) By Lump200

The Berlin experimental electronic group Lump200 has never failed to astonish and enchant audiences with their bizarre yet captivating style. Their newest record "Isles of You," released on May 12, is no exception. Featuring 13 transportive tracks and over 50 minutes of sublimely music, "Isles of You" invites listeners on an unforgettable journey to new frontiers of sound.

The opening track "Maximouse" pulls you in with a psychedelic electronic soundscape like a distorted melody. Hypnotizing beats and bass warbles from frontman René Desalmand swim in and out of focus, as if in a surreal dream. The track named "Draw a Distinction" proceeds the trance with a heavy, fuzzy mix of electronic beats, percussion drones, and artful vocals.

"I am the Elephant in the Room" offers a melodramatic ode to absurdity, featuring tuba groans and bass squeals that climax in an odd symphony of sounds. Things take a whimsical turn on "Skox," with playful key tinkles, oddball synth stabs, and percussion spinning a web of weirdness.

The champion of quirk on this album is "Kryptomarch" a carnival-esque romp blessed with cartoonish synth chortles and a melody that sounds like a music box. No other artist could pull off such a strange yet oddly charming creation.

The 5-minute trip through sound and psychedelia that is "Calm Down" emerges as the crowning achievement of the album. With chants, stunning drums, undulating bass grooves, and transcendent washes of sound, it's a ritualistic musical journey for the mind's eye. Not all tracks revel in weirdness and whimsy, however. The lush soundscape "Gonwork" layers celestial synths, mesmerizing bass thumps, and cosmic lines for a sublime floating feeling.

Lump200 cements their status as innovators of pioneering electronica with this album. Pressing the edges of music itself, they have crafted a bizarre yet beautiful work that invites adventure into new dimensions of sound. "Isles of You" is their most enchanting collection yet, a true gift to thrill-seeking listeners willing to get lost in the mist.

Listeners looking for an escape from the ordinary would do well to immerse themselves in Lump200’s extraordinary world. The album "Isles of You" is now streaming on Spotify and other major platforms; I highly recommend streaming all the tracks together to experience the bizarre brilliance of Lump200. Follow Lump200 to get updates on their impressive explorations and future releases.

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