Is this a crush? (Original Single) By ZARAH WESTHOUSE

TOP BEST HITS Is this a crush? (Original Single) By ZARAH WESTHOUSE

Emerging from the natural beauty of Switzerland comes an enigmatic new artist destined to make waves in the electronic music scene, Zarah Westhouse.

Zarah's latest single \"Is this a crush?\" immediately showcases the full power of Zarah's stirring vocals and innate ability to craft an undeniably catchy groove. The track instantly displays Zarah's alluring voice in the opening lines, a voice so charming and magnetic that it draws the listener deeper into the song from the very first moments. When the beat drop arrives in the chorus, "Is this a crush?" truly comes alive. The instrumental break features synths and percussion that collide in a frenetic and exuberant rhythm, forming an intense dance beat that is nearly impossible to resist.

"This is my third song. My goal was to create a song that can be played on the beach, danced on in a disco, listened on in radio in a car, played in the cafe - literally everywhere - and accepted from every age group," Zarah said.

"It should build a bridge between the generations. Older listeners should not condemn the Music Younger People listen to – but should get reminded of their own Youth. While the song is modern it borrows the positive vibes from previous music eras,\" she added.

Zarah's song "Is this a crush?" has an infectious, fun energy that people young and old can enjoy. The sweet chorus gets in your head and stays there, replaying over and over again. The beat and her upbeat vocals create an irresistible, feel-good vibe that lift you up and makes you want to sing and dance along. We can only imagine what heights Zarah will reach as she continues to hone her craft. With three singles released so far, Zarah has already demonstrated a gift for crafting dance tracks that lift your spirits and make you move your feet.

"Is this a crush?" shows that Zarah Westhouse is poised to make an enormous impact on the global electronic scene with her fresh sound and natural ability to uplift through song. Be sure to check out "Is this a crush?" on your favorite streaming platforms today, and follow Zarah Westhouse for more joyful, dance-inducing singles in the very near future.

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