Intimacy (Original Single) By Everything But The Everything

JUST ROCK Intimacy (Original Single) By Everything But The Everything

You know, while I’ve hated every second of the pandemic’s lockdowns, I’ve got to outright say that it’s given birth to many incredible artists. Everything But The Everything is one of those incredible bands that were forged from the dark days of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown so tune in as I tell you everything there is to know about this interesting band.

The band came together after Izzy the Gent started inviting artists to collaborate on catchy music during the COVID-19 lockdown, which successfully captured the attention of many fans locally and globally. "Intimacy" features many great artists, including the one and only Luke Sweeney on vocals; the mad Landon Cisneros on drums; the great Andrew Gomes on synths; and Izzy the Gent on keys, guitar, and bass guitar. The band’s art is quite an interesting experience as each featured member adds their own sprinkle of character into the music they make creating a unique experience with each and every release.

"Intimacy" was produced during the peak of the COVID-19 lockdown prohibiting the band members from ever meeting. The music files were sent to Rev Shelverton and Izzy the Gent, who ended up meeting at the Secret Studios in SF to master and perfect the tracks before release. Influenced by great artists like Interpol, Pixies, Billy Idol, and Depeche Mode, the single captures the essence of their music and would surely have them proud. With hours dedicated to perfecting "Intimacy", I promise you that you’re in for an incredible rock 'n roll ride that’ll leave you speechless and begging for more. An engulfing experience that’s award-worthy, so be sure to tune to it and tune in loud.

They're bound to make it big. Be sure to stream their music and share it because it truly is to die for.

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