Internet Friends By MUNGMUNG


Emerging from Sydney's vibrant music scene is MUNGMUNG, an independent alt hip-hop and R&B artist making waves with her exceptional style, evocative storytelling, and appealing lyrics. With the recent release of her debut album "Boujee Bby," MUNGMUNG unveils a collection encapsulating her wide-ranging influences, experiences, and vision.

"Boujee Bby" marks an exciting milestone in MUNGMUNG’s musical journey. One of the standouts on the album is "Internet Friends," brought to life through a compelling music video. Collaborating with friends, MUNGMUNG visually translates the introspective narrative about online relationships and their impact on young minds. "I'm not cool, I'm not cool, I'm not cool, cause I ain't got no friends on the internet\" the song begins, and despite the contemplative message, the song serves as a conversation starter for examining the complex emotions surrounding digital interactions.

Central to MUNGMUNG’s artistry is her versatile vocal delivery and flow. Her range enables her to traverse diverse musical landscapes while maintaining her realness. In "Internet Friends," her attention to melody creates a nuanced emotional contour that draws listeners into the song's journey. The melodic choices interweave beautifully within the progression, complementing the changing mood.

Visually, the music video reflects MUNGMUNG’s colorful aesthetic. We see her in multiple settings that reinforce the narrative. It begins with her sitting disengaged as her friends focus on their phones. In more scenes, she wears mismatched clothes, emphasizing the disconnect she feels. The video aesthetically captures her face across phone screens, aligning with the digital statement. By the end, MUNGMUNG has left the scene, yet her distracted friends remain fixed on their devices as the screens shut down.

From thought-provoking lyrics to visual storytelling, "Internet Friends" demonstrates MUNGMUNG’s singular vision. Her ability to engage audiences with her versatility, authenticity, and compelling words shines. With the debut of "Boujee Bby," she establishes herself as an alt hip-hop and R&B artist to watch. The album encapsulates her myriad influences into a cohesive artistic statement. Songs like "Internet Friends" reveal intimate struggles through inventive lyrics, production, and resonant lyrics.

"Internet Friends" announces the arrival of a great new talent. MUNGMUNG's career is certain to continue evolving in thrilling ways. But for now, this song provides a glimpse into her influences, experiences, and artistic perspective. Listeners will find much to love about the vibrancy contained within "Internet Friends." Be sure to stream "Internet Friends" across all major platforms today. Follow MUNGMUNG on social media to stay up to date on her upcoming releases and projects.


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