Melbourne's Parmy Dhillon is more than just a singer-songwriter; he is an ingenious storyteller who carries a great deal of emotions and love for music in his heart. He has released two EPs and three full-length albums, making it very clear that this is an artist with a very special voice and immense ability to connect with his fans.

Parmy Dhillon dropped his new single, "India," on 18th May 2024, which has crossed 6k streams. It's a heartfelt song in memory of his late father, serving him as many others as a landmark reminder of heritage.

"India" was written late last year following the passing of Parmy's father in India. He spoke highly of this song, talking about his desire to go back to India following his father's passing. It is also a reminder for Parmy to keep himself close to where he is originally from, culturally. 

Traditional instrumentation from India merges with pop and folk in "India." The use of those Bollywood-esque beats combined with acoustic guitars, drums, and other instrumentation keeps the song upbeat. Parmy brings loads of elements into an unforgettable, harmonious whole. Traditional Indian sounds slide alongside Western instrumentation in sweeping swaths. It's an impressive mashup of genres that's done with attention to detail and care. For all its multicultural influences, "India" has a unified vision throughout.

There's just so much variety in texture here that comes together to layer quite harmoniously, without the track feeling overwhelming. There are always some subtle strings or brass or percussion flourishes that never steal the melody from Parmy's powerhouse delivery. So it’s easy to imagine lush instrumentation relocating the ears to some kind of scene.

"India" is the creative high point for Parmy both musically and personally. On its own, it is characterized by a friendly, amalgamated style and a touching tribute to Parmy's heritage. I love and respect how he used music to express something about his roots, but still appeal to broad audiences. The track will strike a chord with anyone contemplating cultural identity or processing grief.

An official music video for "India" also dropped alongside the single, further spelling out Parmy's vision. All signs point to "India" as Parmy Dhillon's most compelling release up to this point. A complimentary single such as "India" only stamps Parmy's reputation and status as one of Australia's most thoughtful singer-songwriters today. I recommend streaming the single on Spotify and watching the music video on YouTube.

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