I was fortunate to check out Deuce Denninger's scintillating new single "In The Nights" and it left me feeling energized from the first second. This track bursts with the vintage spirit of rock 'n' roll that so many bands have tried, yet failed, to capture in recent years. But Deuce Denninger and company have truly done their homework to revive the soulful blues-rock sound of a bygone musical era.

Right from the start, you can feel the rhythm section of Ken Keller on bass and Jimmy Brotherton on drums lock in with a tight, driving groove. Their playing lays the foundation for the soaring riffs of the guitar, which give out just the right amount of sizzling licks to keep your toes tapping. Meanwhile, Deuce Denninger's weathered vocals pour over each note with raw emotion and sincerity that can only come from a true blues man who's paid his dues.

What's most impressive is how the band doesn't just pile on layers of notes: there's a clear purpose and intention behind every element. You can tell they value melody and musicianship above all else. And when that big chorus hits for the first time, it's a full-body high that will have you looping just that part. As the track progresses, it builds to an epic climax without losing any of its bluesy authenticity. The musicians take the listener on a journey through different emotions but remain tightly-knit throughout.

Another standout element is the backing vocals of Kara Smollen and Joyce Baker Statler. Their smooth harmonies add texture and atmosphere while never drowning out Deuce's unfiltered lead. It's the perfect yin to his yang.

By the time the final notes ring out, you'll be left wanting more. This single has me eagerly anticipating what else Deuce Denninger and company have in store. With their old-school vibe and great execution, they are primed for big things. Be sure to keep an ear out for details on any upcoming releases, which are sure to be one for the ages based on this tantalizing taste. "In The Nights" is a shot of vintage rock spirit many music fans didn't even know they needed.

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