In Decadence and Disarray (Original Album) by Parjam Parsi

HYPE In Decadence and Disarray (Original Album) by Parjam Parsi

Parjam Parsi, is an inspiration, he is one of the hardest workers out there, truly showing us that hard work and dedication is what the road to success looks like. The Armenian artist from Yerevan, has blessed the world with one unique and calming album "In Decadence and Disarray" (Original Album) a classical and acoustic easy listen which he released in 2006.

The 8 Full-length tracks album will give you a full 30 minutes of bliss and tranquility while listening to it, the composition is delicate and eccentric and just shows how talented and masterful Parjam Parsi is at his art. Every single in this album will paint a different image of grace and beauty in your mind, something only a few musicians can accomplish with their music.

Parjam Parsi has been resisting social media and streaming platforms for the past 10 years, but we are so glad that he has finally decided to share his music with the world and bless us with his marvelous creations. This album is about something few men write and compose about, its about Parjam's mother, her world, and her relationship with him. And who doesn't respect, admire. and revere a man who doesn't shy away from his relationship with his mother but embraces it.

Parjam Parsi hasn't reached this level of skill and talent overnight he is one dedicated person who worked long and hard to reach where he is now, he used to practice 14 hours each day on average, when he decided to write his own material in 2005 along with his practice routine and his on and off recitals. He started to see himself as a recording artist, while still working 14 to 17 hours each day without a day off. No matter what life brings to him good or bad he's dedicated to his work and craft.

You must check out Parjam Parsi and all of his releases, he truly is one magnificent talent. And don't forget to like and follow all his social media platforms to always remain up to date on his latest news and releases.

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