May 18, 2022 by saiidzeidan
Im Okay By CLYDE SYDE Im Okay By CLYDE SYDE The upbeat pop song I'm Okay explores depression and isolation, as universal struggles. It shows that anyone feeling alone in their struggles can speak out, get help, and keep moving forward.It's a head-bopping sound that takes you on a joyride through its upbeat lyrics and melodic beats. An honest and raw portrayal of depression, insecurity, and self-discovery. Each of these emotions has been a part of everyone since they were young, but they only get stronger with age. Sometimes we're sad, sometimes we're happy. Sometimes we wish we could be dead, but then realize it's not the best idea. Life is what you make it and I'm hoping yours will be in a little bit better place eventually        
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CLYDE SYDE is an alternative indie artist and songwriter based in Leicestershire.  A 90s kid so his music takes reference and inspiration from the punk-pop era whilst blending genres with today's modern alternative music. my music sounds as if blink182 became best friends with juice wrld Post Malone and kid Laroi.His latest track is called I'm okay, I really wanted to write a track that spoke about loneliness and anxiety and how it can be so hard for people to speak up about it. I have lost friends to depression so this song comes from a very personal place. Over the last 2 years.

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