I’ll See You Then By JASON HEETER


We frequently feel low and alone during the chilly winds of the first few months of the year. With the short days, it's always easy to get into a wintertime rut. But some artists are bringing a bit of that, in the case of Jason Heeter and Jessie Schupbach's new ballad "I'll See You Then."

Heeter’s soulful guitar work and warm vocals have delighted many listeners on frigid nights. The incredibly talented Jessie Schupbach has quickly proven herself a powerful vocalist capable of infusing even the simplest lyrics with deep emotion. On "I'll See You Then," their talents entwine like vines to create a piece of music sure to lift any winter blues.

The song opens with just the guitar, plucking out a relaxed pattern that sets a cozy scene. When his raspy voice enters, it's as smooth and comforting as a cashmere blanket. The phrasing is unhurried, allowing the lyrics to unfold naturally like a conversation between old friends. The duo trades off vocal duties, their harmonies blending with natural synchronicity.

Jason Heeter and Jessie Schupbach draw inspiration from each other both musically and personally. They're a couple off as well as on stage. Their chemistry gives the song an intimacy like glimpsing into their own living room on a snowy night. Listeners will feel immediately welcomed and soothed.

The production is super tasteful. The playing is gorgeously melodic, never drawing undue attention but always enhancing the vocals. Drummer Tim Morrison provides light brushwork, keeping time without overpowering the song's hushed atmosphere. Mixing is natural and balanced, putting the listener right in the room. Mastering by Heeter brings everything into clear, warm focus.

The duo have announced touring plans for this summer, taking "I'll See You Then" on the road from their Missouri base through Colorado and Utah. Audiences in those states would be lucky to experience the magic of this two-piece live and intimately. Until then, their recording offers the perfect antidote to any winter blues, melting away icy feelings with its gentle harmonies and buoyant message of a new beginning. It's a collaboration that shows the healing power of music - and love - to brighten even the darkest of days. You absolutely must stream "I'll See You Then" to fully experience its magic. Luckily, the single is available on all major streaming platforms, and get ready to follow Jason Heeter and Jessie Schupbach to Colorado this summer.

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