I’ll Be There By CHANDRA


I've got a hot new song you need on your playlist, so put on your dancing shoes and headphones! You're going to be listening to Chandra's new hit nonstop this summer. "I'll Be There" delivers those big, belting vocals we know and love over a backdrop that's a colorful kaleidoscope of influences. The gleaming synths and driving guitars give it a rad 80s pop-rock vibe that's super nostalgic and fun.

The synth riffs and guitar licks weave in and out, building the energy higher and higher as the song progresses. Chandra lets it rip on the chorus in a way that will have you screaming the lyrics right back at him. It's super catchy but also shows off some serious vocal chops.

What I love most is how the track brings to mind that joyful, carefree feeling of summer. Even if the days are still short, "I'll Be There" pulls you back to languid afternoons, pleasant nights beneath the stars, and creating memories with close friends. Chandra injects just the proper amount of positive energy to brighten your spirits on even the most dreary days.

"I'll Be There" is the kind of crossover hit that will bring smiles all summer long, no matter what you're into. Even the gloomiest of days may be made brighter by the enthusiastic message and music inspired by the sun. And even after the season is over, it's one of those tunes that sounds just as good blaring through the windows. You'll be listening to this kind of music repeatedly, I promise.

Past singles show a knack for capturing specific emotions through many themes. Chandra's star continues to rise, and it's easy to see "I'll Be There" as just the beginning. Chandra's "I'll Be There" is the kind of sleeper hit that will bring joy to listeners for seasons to come. Even as trends come and go, this is a single people will still be singing with the windows down long after summer ends. Consider me hooked. I'll be along for the ride to see what Chandra has in store next. The music video is a big part of the song. Make sure you check it out and stream "I'll Be There" now on all your favorite platforms.

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