If You Don’t Mind (Original Single) by Romain Gutsy

JUST ROCK If You Don’t Mind (Original Single) by Romain Gutsy

Well, we never thought it would happen, but it did. The revered Romain Gutsy is back, stronger than ever after over 20 years of absence. The legendary beacon of talent and creativity has finally put a halt to his break from music production and has been wrecking records since his debut in 2020. Today, he’s released a stunning brand new single, "If You Don’t Mind," with the captivating Marc Bentel that’s set to echo through the industry like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Romain Gutsy’s career is nothing short of memorable, and it's one list of achievements worth mentioning. The French singer, songwriter, musician, and multi-instrumentalist launched his career in the 90s with countless notable achievements with great bands like Les Affames, Daffy Plays Mandola, and Grammy award winner Calvil Russel, among others. The list of accomplishments does not end with Romain, as Marc Bentel is nothing short of great. The South African icon has been awarded countless awards throughout his career and has been an undeniably great addition to this latest masterpiece.

"If You Don’t Mind" is an incredible collaborative production that was mixed and mastered at Marc’s studio in Florida. Featuring a flawless mixture of tunes and melodies that fall together like a puzzle, the single is bound to resonate in energy and move through your body like an electric current. Reflecting on how fame and power are often accompanied by things like drugs, sex, politics, and greed, the song is written with thought-provoking lyrics that present the scenario of how beautiful the world would have been if things were different.

Tune into the melodies and creativity of this incredible collaboration and enjoy music like nothing you’ve seen before. Join the endless world of possibilities with music and discover what over two decades of experience feels like. Share the music for the world to enjoy and help this artist expand his reach among his fans and audience.

You can learn more about this artist by checking out his personal website at https://romaingutsy.art

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