As fans of James Spencer know well by now, the talented artist rarely sits still for long. Over the past year alone, he's toured Europe extensively with his band The Wreckers as well as his friends in Jolly Roger, played festivals galore with both acts and relentlessly performed solo gigs and duo shows as Bicycle Repair Man. Through it all, Spencer has also been steadily releasing new music and videos to keep listeners satiated between live performances.

His latest track "If" feels doubly special, both for its tender beauty and the story it tells. Written as a love song exploring the complexities of romance, "If" finds James trading in his usual brand of folk-rock for something far more delicately textured. He's joined by the lovely vocals of Abbe Martin of The Sound of the Sirens, their harmonies intertwining like the vines of a storybook forest. The music video, Spencer's second experiment with AI technology, brings that fairytale feeling to life. It's easy to get lost in the beauty of the music video and artistic landscapes and forget this is just a four-minute song.

Fans who've followed James’ journey with rapt attention won't be surprised to find such intimate emotion at the core of "If." His open-hearted approach is part of what makes Spencer such a compelling live performer as well. Whether playing energetic sets like The Wreckers or more stripped-down shows, he connects with crowds through sheer charisma and that same unapologetic emotional honesty. Fans will be glad to know he has a busy year of performances ahead of all of his projects. The Wreckers and Jolly Roger already have European tours booked for later this spring and the Bicycle Repair Man shows keep popping up all over the calendar as well.

Through it all, James promises to keep rolling out new slices of his album throughout 2024. With gorgeous, heart-on-sleeve gems like "If" in his arsenal, it's clear these future releases will give listeners even more magical orchestral journeys. Whether experiencing his art in person or from a screen, James proves once again why he's become one of folk music's most compelling storytellers, and why his fans will gladly keep following him wherever the muse takes him next.

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