i’d rather be in space (Original Single) By yannick mirko

HYPE i’d rather be in space (Original Single) By yannick mirko

Enduring a difficult life that includes having a highly rare sickness for which there is no known treatment, and believing that you have no place in the world due to your gender identity are all things that might suffocate even the strongest person. But that's where the inspiration for Yannick Mirko's new single, "I'd rather be in space," comes, it comes from being so exhausted that they desire to leave this planet and travel to another one far away in space. By using their art and music, Mirko aims to help the world advance toward a future that is more unbiased and fair.

This slow, passionate piano song is Yannick's way of expressing all of their feelings, what happened in the past and what is still happening now. The piano chords have a certain warmth to them that perfectly complements the emotions played on them. The textures blend together so seamlessly, you can hear how each note was placed and arranged with care. We also hear some extreme melancholy synthesizers and static noises that haunt listeners as they are listening. It significantly enhances the track's overall emotional impact.

"I'd Rather Be In Space" is a song for anyone going through a difficult time in life. The sound effects, the glittering piano, and the sound editing are all elements that touch your heart and let you know you're not alone in life's suffering, it makes you live their journey from beginning to end. But also you can analyze the song the way you want; that's the beauty of it, is that you can interpret it any way you choose.

Yannick is eager to leave Earth and begin a new life in a better world, and I, along with many other people, share their passion. Even if you haven't experienced what the brave Yannick Mirko has gone through, I can assure you that the sentiments in this lovely constructed piece are simply one of a kind. And you will most certainly be impacted by it because we all share one common belief and knowledge, and that is that life is hard. Download the song from any streaming service, read the artist's blog, and keep up with them on social media to show your support for this fearless, exceptional Yannick Mirko.

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