I miss you ( original single ) By ED EAGLE

JUST ROCK I miss you ( original single ) By ED EAGLE

One of the fastest-growing indie vocalists and guitarists is back with his latest single, so hold on tight, because things are about to go mad.

The founder of the NAS Global Community of Independent Artists and Playlists, Ed Eagle's latest, "I Miss You," has massively connected emotionally with fans globally for conveying the sensitive topic of missing a loved one. This song is directed to the people Ed misses -- from his parents, friends, and everyone in between. It's a beautiful song and a rollercoaster of emotions. The man is a very successful artist and entrepreneur by all measures; he has found massive success with his NAS Global Community of Independent Artists and Playlists, successfully connecting unsigned artists that have helped make the community what it is today. Not only am I saying this because I know this man's achievements, but I am personally friends with Ed, and words cannot describe his kind personality and great feats. I have worked with Ed and have helped grow NAS at its first stages, and by all means, Ed is a revolutionary person.

Beyond his artists platform, he’s dominated the music industry, having his four original music releases overtaking chart records and radios globally. "I Miss You" found massive success globally, topping the Apple Music Blues Charts and being featured on radio across the world. The song streamed on Spotify over 50,000 times in its first month as a country-blues tearjerker, an incredible feat for this specific genre for sure. Other releases by Ed Eagle dominated just as much with "It’s Fine" covering the global mental health crisis, successfully connecting to fans on a massive scale, and receiving an unbelievable amount of radio play and coverage. The song was streamed over 500,000 times on Spotify and falls as a mixture between pop, punk and electronic music.

Another amazing release would be "Bye!" a #1 Apple Music Blues Chart globally that foretells the story of a breakup with a little twist. It's also the type of sing-along that reminds you of "American Pie" and "Piano Man."

Finally, "The Team," a massively successful debut song released by Ed serves as a post-grunge protest song for the 2020s. The song found success on radio stations, even being featured on the biggest terrestrial radio markets in North America (Toronto) as part of Rock 94.9's spotlight of indie musicians. It is incredible to see an artist create such a massive impact with only four original releases; a feat only possible if backed by a tremendous amount of work, planning, marketing, and talent.

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