I have been waiting (Original Single) By Carsten Schnell

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Do you ever find yourself longing for the familiar melodies of your childhood? The soul-stirring songs that your parents would play endlessly around the house, songs that are forever etched into your memory. For me, it’s the gritty yet sentimental blues and rock songs of the 60s and 70s that scratch that musical itch.

It seems I’m not alone in that nostalgia, as acclaimed musician Carsten Schnell is tapping into that desire for the familiar with his latest single, "I Have Been Waiting". The song is Carsten’s ode to the blues-inspired rock of yesteryear. With its flooring drums, gorgeous bassline, aesthetical guitars and his own husky vocals, "I Have Been Waiting" transports you back to the golden age of blues-infused rock music.

"I Have Been Waiting" demonstrates his knack for blending genres into a wholesome whole. The song has an original, homespun feel with natural instrumentation in the spotlight. Carsten constructs the song around a combination of acoustic sounds, though there are subtle tinges of electronic effects that complement rather than overwhelm the classic vibe he strives for.

"I Have Been Waiting" moves you in more ways than one. His raw yet emotionally influential vocals paired with the guitars and piano create a sound that will have you both bobbing your head and reflecting on life's ups and downs. The song channels the vintage blues sound and rock and roll heart-on-the-sleeve attitude of decades past in an authentic, no-frills performance. Blues aficionados are sure to appreciate its gritty roots, while mainstream music lovers will enjoy its relatable sentiments and catchy groove that tugs at memories of simpler times.

He presents a blast from the past with a song that quenches your thirst for that familiar yet electrifying sound. Carsten Schnell’s "I Have Been Waiting" is a song you’ve been longing for.

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