I Don’t Care! By LAZA!


LAZA! 's first EP "I Don't Care!" wastes no time showing that these musicians are here to play loud and proud. From the very first song, you can tell they are not messing around. They've got a big, enormous sound mixing pop, rock, and electronic music together. And the singer belts it out, you won't hear pipes like hers anywhere. The tunes are super catchy too, with melodies you'll hum all day.

In just five songs, LAZA! proves they've got what it takes to succeed. They bring a fresh new energy to indie music that's exciting to experience.

The title track, "I Don't Care!" kicks things off with a groove that'll get your toes tappin'. Punchy drums, swirling synth sounds, and a bassline rumbling with sass drive the infectious beat. Frontwoman Ana Gracey's vocals soar above it all as she belts out the song's defiant lyrics with fiery confidence. Listening makes you feel empowered and puts a strut in your step.

While "I Don't Care!" bristles with energy, the following track "Real Life Is So…" takes a more mellow approach. Gentle chords and Gracey's vocals give it a more dreamlike quality. Yet even in its quietest moments, LAZA! 's signature sound shines through in stunning ways, from lush string arrangements to electronic gestures that hint at the band's wider sonic palette. It's a beautiful contrast to the opener that shows LAZA! 's versatility.

The next song, "Girls," has even more intensity! The theme of this catchy pop song is girl power. With memorable synth tones, energized beats, and a memorable chorus, Gracey gives a shout-out to her fellow ladies. This optimistic song will have you shouting and singing along to it at the top of your lungs.


We "Rise Up" with Gracey's ethereal vocals and the instrumentation, as the 4th track steadily builds into a sweeping rock ballad. As strings swell and electric guitars kick in, her voice rises in tandem, belting out the message behind the song. The EP concludes with "Hell Yeah! ", an exhilarating electronic track. Pulsing synths and thumping percussion drive the song as Gracey delivers an energized vocal performance.

Across the 5 songs, LAZA! have done something amazing - made an EP with a bold sound all their own and opened the LAZA! door so fans could check them out. With catchy pop hooks, rock attitude, and electronic beats, "I Don't Care!" doesn't sound like anything else. That shows LAZA's incomparable talents and ideas.

Gracey's powerhouse singing voice ties it all together, adding power and soul. This is just the start for LAZA!, and "I Don't Care!" introduces a band that's sure to go far. Their music is worth a listen, so check out the full EP called "I Don't Care!" on Spotify today.

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