I Changed Today (Original Single) By Roxercat

HYPE I Changed Today (Original Single) By Roxercat

If you weren't a fan of rock before, you will be after hearing Roxercat's new hit "I Changed Today." Roxercat is a Nashville-based rock band led by singer Price Jones, guitarist Stan Lassiter, and bassist Bill Francis. This song was inspired by life's unexpected turns; it's about waking up one day and feeling as though everything around you is shifting.

The band uses tremendously complex instrumentals, rhythms, and beats from the first minute until the last chorus. The guitar riffs fit in so nicely with the main vocalist's singing, creating a lovely music composition rich in melodies and enticing hooks. The guitar solos are quite strong, practically taking over the entire song. I'd want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Stan Lassiter for blessing my ears with his godlike guitar fingers. And we have the blissful vocals of our very talented main singer. Speaking of our main vocalist, the heavenly vocals of Price Jones take this song to a different level. Her beautiful voice tone enhances the song; it is arched with a special richness that only she possesses, and you can't help but sing along with her.

The bridge is my favorite part of this song; the bassist Bill Francis takes command here on the track, gripping the melody while the guitarist Stan Lassiter lavishly embarks on an emotional roller coaster.

The lyrics are simple yet meaningful and relatable, talking about how everything can suddenly change without feeling it, the first verse goes "I changed today when you weren't looking, I realized & it's got me all shook up, Something feels not the same Even when I hear my name" A very raw verse on how a lot of things change in our daily life, these changes happen so fast that we don’t even notice.

Overall, the verses are rhythmic and fascinating, and the track has wonderful rock energy, creating a tune that is so addictive you want to click replay straight away. We're thrilled to be able to join Roxercat on their adventure. Listen to "I Changed Today" on your streaming platforms and follow the talented group on their social media profiles to stay up to date on what's new.

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