Music has the profound power to move us in ways unlike any other art form. At its best, a song can take hearers on a trip into realms of pure emotion that transcend limits and offer healing. "I Break", the impressive new single from Clare Easdown, achieves this masterfully by shining a light on the universal struggles of mental health through a fusion of airy production and extraordinary vocals.

Easdown's voice is the heart of "I Break," laying bare her psyche with stunning intimacy. Her resounding pitch soars over very incredible instrumentation, conveying with raw honesty the harrowing ups and downs of coping with persistent feelings of depression, paranoia, loneliness, and inner turmoil on a daily basis. She breathes sincere life and meaning into each melancholy lyric through her detailed and truly vulnerable vocal delivery. Her impressive vocal range blossoms into dominant notes that honestly reflect the human struggles of grasping for even the smallest glimmers of hope in the depths of one's own darkness and despair.

Helming the production alongside Easdown is her longtime collaborator, Jeremy Burns, aka JBurnsMusic. JBurnsMusic complements Easdown's tender storytelling with a moody sonic palette. Subtle percussive elements and rich pads establish a meditative atmosphere. As the track progresses, JBurnsMusic introduces shimmering keys to droning textures, gradually building anticipation like the ebb and flow of mental health itself.

Clare Easdown draws inspiration from artists innovating experimental pop, including the dreamy introspection of Grimes and FKA Twigs, as well as the atmospheric and defiant anthems of Sevdaliza. With slick production skillfully married to meaningful, emotive storytelling, "I Break" sets a new standard for music addressing mental health.

Available now wherever you stream or purchase music, this transcendent release from Clare Easdown and JBurnsMusic is deeply moving. It reminds us that within each struggle lies the power to heal—we need only join together and lift each other up along the way. We highly recommend taking a moment to stream "I Break" to experience its almighty message of hope and solidarity for all battling with their mental health. Don't forget to support Clare and Jeremy by following their continued creative journey online as well.

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