I am the Elephant in the Room (Original Single) By Lump200

TOP BEST HITS I am the Elephant in the Room (Original Single) By Lump200

Lump200's new single "I am the Elephant in the Room" is a groundbreaking and unconventional track that provocatively explores surreal and risk-taking sounds. The lyrics paint vivid images with simple but striking phrases like "Tiger in the morning / Eat raw meat / Because he can't cook" and repeat the refrain "Because, because / Because, because" to hammer the point home. This matter-of-fact observation of a tiger's savage nature segues into "Contemplation kill causes", suggesting that overthinking leads to inaction.

The "elephant in the room" metaphor is an apt and compelling analogy for the core message and themes of the song. The heavy, pounding beat that anchors the track, reinforced by the pulsing industrial samples and synthetic drum machine rhythms, is likened to the ominous footsteps of an elephant lumbering through a room. This creates a sense of the imposing presence of some unavoidable yet unacknowledged truth or reality, whether personal, social, or cultural.

The repetitive refrain "I am the elephant in the room" serves as a stark call to confront these difficult yet overlooked truths that loom large in the background. The song suggests we must face up to and acknowledge these 'elephants in the room', however inconvenient or uncomfortable that may be.

Midway through, a melodic synth solo provides momentary tonal relief from the song's intensity. The peculiar yet lighter interlude featuring an odd synth melody, tuba accompaniment, and electronic bass offers a brief escape from the elephant's imposing tread. The inclusion of processed historic field recordings moreover adds an intriguing sense of history and texture to the soundscape. However, this reprieve is temporary, as the elephant's steps soon return, reminding us of the inescapable realities we must grapple with, however unpleasant

The final verse presents a more optimistic perspective, suggesting it "is ok / To stay or to leave / To give and to receive". The effect is a tension between avoidance and acknowledgment, darkness and light.

Simply put "I am the Elephant in the Room" is a whole new universe of sounds, Lump200 uses tones and beats that create a whole new reality in the listeners mind!! It is rare that an artist can do this with just the power of his music, but Lump200 does so perfectly, showing us that he is one artist that deserves all the love and admiration.

"I am the Elephant in the Room" is a layered listening experience that uses an arresting metaphor, contrasts in tone and sound, and repetition to explore the themes of facing truths, however difficult. Lump200 brings industrial, historical and electronic elements together to create a musical space reflecting the song's conceptual depth. Follow Lump200 for more and stream the song on youtube.

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