JUST ROCKHypnotic (Original Single) by The Vonics

July 7, 2022 by saiidzeidan
Hypnotic (Original Single) by The Vonics Hypnotic (Original Single) by The Vonics

The Vonics the 5 person band who started making music in 2018 from Dudley(West Midlands),  have released a new refreshing track that is different from their previous singles called " Hypnotic " an alternative rock pop track. True to its title this single will hypnotize you and put you in a trance like state of enjoyment when listening to it, by using an atmospheric vibe with steady verses that ramp you up and have you waiting for the breathtaking chorus. Its the first song where The Vonics  feature their guitarist Mark taking the lead vocal, and in my humble opinion Marks vocals where a great fit for this song and made it complete with the masterful in instrument playing of the song. You must give The Vonics a listen!

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