Human 1.0 By GARY DRANOW


I've been jamming non-stop to the latest from Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions, and as with each release, they shocked me with how they are taking their sound to a whole new level.

Their single "Human 1.0" is a straight-up banger that'll get those emotions flowing. With members hailing from all over, Utah, Ukraine, and more, they're bringing a global vibe that hits home with listeners worldwide. These eclectic guys combine their mad skills to create music that transcends borders. Each musician brings their stylistic flair influenced by their home scenes, but together it all meshes into one synergistic masterpiece.

What a wonderful work of art it is, too! "Human 1.0" tackles a very relevant subject: the environmental problem that is choking our globe. They reveal the unfiltered feelings of a world in upheaval, with chilling rhythms and alarming lyrics. It sends a strong statement about the devastation caused by our negligence.

Tight production blends real emotion with a new-age edge to suck you right into the story. Layered guitars intertwine with the vocals for an epic, evocative soundscape you won't want to escape. The vocals will give you a tingling sensation as they belt passionate pleas, talking about the state of the earth.

The Manic Emotions don't just pay lip service to important issues, they immerse you in the devastating impacts of climate change. "Human 1.0" tells the heart-pounding story of humanity's battle against the possibly disastrous effects of our past acts. You'll get goosebumps when you see how serious the situation is for our planet and what's at risk if we don't make changes to our behavior.

As always, you need to check out Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions. Their new single "Human 1.0", off the album Asterion, is a must-listen that'll get your head and your heart moving in all the right ways. These eclectic rockers know how to fuse influential messages with killer melodies to keep the conversation going strong.

I can't wait to see what else these globally-inspired talents have in store. In the meantime, you can get your hands on "Human 1.0" by searching all your favorite streaming spots or checking them out online.

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