Hotter (Original Single) By White $osa

TOP BEST HITS Hotter (Original Single) By White $osa

White $osa, an American rapper from Memphis Tennessee that is on the track to become the next big artist to dominate the rap industry. His unique vocal delivery and rap style combined with raw talent is capable of generating music unheard before and his latest release ‘Hotter’ in collaboration with DJ Kidd is living proof of the incredible delivery and performance this artist is capable of. This new release is the perfect song to play when you are feeling like a king. A powerful beat that resonates through you with an elevating beat that makes you feel like you own the club and you own the streets. If we want to be describing this song as accurately as possible, it is basically narrating how awesome the person playing the song is, from the bling to the car to the babes to the art, put simply you’re a GOD while this beat is exploding, and waiting for you to conquer your next endeavor. White $osa is not a small or rising artist by any means. With a monstrous social media presence of over 125,000 followers on Instagram and 55,000 Subscribers on Youtube, the man’s fan-base is enough to create an army. White $osa’s presence on music platforms is just as impressive as it is on social media. With over 23,000 followers on SoundCloud and 135,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, one can say that this artist has already made it. The artist’s fan-base is proving incredibly loyal to his performance and art, with over 25,000,000 plays on Spotify compared to 135,000 monthly listeners. His fan-base is surely vibing to his art all day. This summer has just gotten even ‘HOTTER’ with this latest release, so what are you waiting for? Play the track on repeat and experience what it feels like to be a king or a god. A summer playlist without ‘Hotter’ is missing on a lot of good times.

Oh, and once you are done, make sure to dive into White $osa’s library, which rocks over 45 unique songs produced by this legend.

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