Home Is Where I Go By NELDA


Allow me to introduce an extraordinary new artist: Nelda. Hailing from London, Nelda is a uniquely gifted singer, songwriter, and educator blending elements of pop, jazz, and classical styles into strong, heartwarming works. It comes as no surprise, then, that numerous global artists have sought collaboration with Nelda. Her latest release sees her teaming up with Australian poet Etoile Marley on what may be her magnum opus. For her upcoming concept album due out in July 2024, Nelda carried out interviews with over a dozen foreign songwriters currently living in London, representing countries around the globe from Brazil to Bangladesh.

Now, you’re probably wondering which song I’m talking about. "Home Is Where I Go" performed by Nelda engages the listener in a lyrical and timbral exploration of home, and where we belong.

The song opens with this very jazzy, pretty, and unique piano playing. Above enters Nelda's warm contralto, unveiling the song's ponderous inquiry, where do we belong? With supple motions. Her phrasing closely follows the long-spined lines of collaborator Etoile Marley's beautiful lyrics. As the melody curves through the verses, the fluid improvisations on the keyboard showcase the versatility of the song. The bebop-influenced lines swing with relaxed looseness, containing complex internal rhythmic patterns in various polyrhythms Harmonically, she traverses diverse tonal regions through deft Neapolitan and Triton substitutions yet always resolves with resolution back home. The song ends with Nelda's rich vocalizing is accompanied solely by the very sweet percussion, the light keys, and the light-as-a-feather harmonization. It’s a luminous, vibrato-inflected diminuendo, leaving the listener with much to ponder.

On a personal level, "Home Is Where I Go" stirred my soul in a profoundly moving way. I found myself elevated to a meditative state. Memories of my transitions between places, and the complex interplay of familiarity and foreignness, came vividly into focus. I felt overcome with a bittersweet blend of nostalgia, hope, and introspective reflection. I am endlessly grateful to Nelda for creating such an achingly beautiful work of art.

"Home Is Where I Go" exhibits impressive artistry and sophistication through its seamless integration of advanced jazz elements within an accessible pop framework. Nelda's virtuosic melodicism combined with Etoile Marley's lyricism creates a work of uncommon beauty and resonance that will surely move even the most cynical listeners. I urge you all to experience this masterwork for yourselves. This single has me eagerly anticipating Nelda's future drops. Until then, I will continue immersing myself in the profound depths of "Home Is Where I Go."

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