Did you know a small-town band could become popular all over? Well, the Kingdom All Stars from The Northeast Kingdom, Vermont sure did! Even though The Northeast Kingdom is tiny, these talented young individuals have gotten lots of fans far from home with their folk music, meaningful lyrics, and amazing live shows. Their new song "Home" really shows how good they are at making music and how much Vermont's natural beauty means to them.

"Home" is sung so beautifully by Jazmine Bogie. The song tells a story about change that anyone getting ready for something new can relate to. The band certainly shows their skill. Just one listen to "Home" and the lyrics stick with you. But the music around the lyrics is impressive too - it blends acoustic and electronic sounds into a great mix. Gentle drums and shakers lay the foundation, then guitar, piano, organ and more build up layer by layer at their own pace. The outcome is just as comfortable and toasty as your favorite blanket. The rise and fall of melodies may easily be puzzling, and before you realize it, four minutes have passed.

"Home" is a perfect way for new fans to see what Kingdom All Stars can do. But long-time fans will enjoy it too. While honoring their hometown of Vermont, the band also expands their collection of sounds. Special guests Andre Maquera and Caleb Bronz add textures without messing up the feel. And Jazmine Bogie's lead singing has more depth and emotion than earlier songs.

Playing live sure helps the band get better, and these young artists have been doing it for a long time all over. Even when they were starting, Kingdom All Stars played everywhere from tiny town halls to big halls. Their packed-out live shows show how special their musical bond is as talented friends. This song is what brings these guys together like a family.

"Home" invites listeners into a soundscape as welcoming as a beloved old house. "Home" brings  Kingdom All Stars back charged up and ready to share their message with more people. With any luck, their music will keep inspiring listeners and putting their small Northeast Kingdom town on the map for years. This is just the start of Kingdom All Stars’ talented voice, music fans everywhere should come along for the ride they're on. Give the new song a stream online today and see for yourself!

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