Hollywood Blvd. By LOVE GHOST


Love Ghost have truly outdone themselves once again. Their latest single "Hollywood Blvd." had me feeling like I was right there on the iconic California streets as soon as the opening notes hit. This song perfectly captures what it feels like to just exist in Southern California - laidback yet bursting with creative energy, looking for adventure around every corner.

Love Ghost has always been a shape-shifting musical force, refusing to be confined to any one genre. And on this track, they show once again why they remain ahead of the curve. The guitars serve as a foundation, steady yet pulsing with life. Finnegan Bell’s voice goes above, singing the lyrics with an anthemic melody.

When Go Golden Junk jumps in with the Spanish rap verse, it serves as the musical equivalent of stumbling upon a street festival you didn't know was happening. This part injects unexpected joy that lifts you and sweeps you along for the ride.

The production value is crystal clear - you can hear every instrument shining without anyone overpowering the others. It all came together so cohesively. All the passion and exhilaration of a perfect sunny day poured out into the melody. As it faded on that blissful note, I was left basking in the afterglow with a huge grin. Love Ghost has done it again - creating the perfect soundtrack for living every moment to the fullest. Just thinking about that euphoric feeling takes me right back, and I can't wait to play it on repeat.

When "Hollywood Blvd." comes on, it just lifts my mood. Love Ghost has a way of capturing that carefree spirit we all wish we felt sometimes as adults with responsibilities. The vocals and guitars just make me want to roll the windows down and cruise with the sun on my face, forgetting my worries, even just for the duration of the song. It really does feel like the perfect soundtrack for a day spent exploring all the possibilities LA has to offer. Whether you're actually out on the Boulevard or not, I recommend pressing play. Love Ghost has proven time and again that they have pop-punk dialed in like no one else, and "Hollywood Blvd." is more evidence of why they're in a class of their own.

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