Historias de Nela (Nela´s stories Original Album) By berekekê

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Berekekê's new orchestral album Historias de Nela (Nela´s Stories) based on Benito Pérez Galdós's novel Marianela is an emotional journey through lush instrumentation and melody. Inspired by the characters and story of the novel, the album brings Marianela and the other characters to life through swirling orchestral compositions.

The album opens powerfully with "Adelante, siempre adelante," setting the tone with orchestral flourishes that conjure images of warm nights. The grand orchestration imbues a sense of spectacle, as if witnessing a musical unfold before your very ears.

The darkness begins to creep in with "En las entrañas: La Terrible," a melodramatic and ominous track hinting at some impending doom. The melancholy yet futuristic melody with effects draws the listener into a sense of mystery and intrigue on "En las entrañas: galerías". "En las entrañas: un barco encallado" maintains a gloomy atmosphere but through higher pitched keys and ethereal instrumentation that transport the listener to celestial realms.

"En las entrañas: galerías La Trascava" evokes windswept moors, surreal yet hopeful. That hope returns full force with "Guiados por Nela," shimmering through joyous piano and twinkling melodies that lift your spirits.

"¡Qué harían los pobres sin mi!" takes the orchestral drama to new heights, with the natural horn playing a pivotal role in elevating the music's grandeur. "Nela y sus vicisitudes ante la Virgen" features gorgeous harp work that captivates the mind, golden and radiant like drops of heaven.

"Retando a la desesperación" begins celestial only to startle with thunderous beats, teetering between hope and despair. The album ends majestically with "Final," lush, dramatic, and ultimately hopeful, signifying completion through its sweeping orchestral flourishes.

This stunning instruments were inspired by the books characters, an incredible creative touch by berekekê. With Florentina inspiring the harp, Father Centeno for contrabasson, Mother Centeno for celesta, Celipín for oboe, Sofia influencing the piano, Paulo as motivation for the viola, and primogénito Centeno for the Spanish guitar.

Berekekê brought this orchestral album to life so that you can experience this marvelous musical direction, which sought to truly evoke the story and characters of Marianela.

While the instrumentation and melodies carry much of the expression, berekekê's vision unites the music and novel in a mighty symbiosis, allowing the characters and events to live again through sound. Listeners are drawn into a cinematic musical story that unfolds before them, granting a new understanding of Galdós's lovely work.

Historias de Nela (Nela´s stories) presents a glorious example of how music can breathe new life into stories, captivating the mind and stirring emotions. berekekê has created more than just an orchestral album - they have created an experience, allowing us to walk through Nela´s stories once more. I recommend streaming Historias de Nela on Spotify now. Follow berekekê on social media to stay updated on future projects that are sure to continue bringing these stories to life through music.

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