Top chill VibesHidden path (Original Album) by Perttu Leinonen

August 8, 2022 by saiidzeidan
Hidden path (Original Album) by Perttu Leinonen Hidden path (Original Album) by Perttu Leinonen

Finish producer Perttu Leinonen has released a new original album called "Hidden Path" composed of 8 unique tracks. "Hidden path" is a psychedelic experimental album that is a combination of sounds.

Perttu Leinonen was making an industrial album for 4 months before he realized it wasn't the sound that gave him inspiration so he decided to do what made him happy and inspired and that was "Hidden Path"

An adventurous album for adventurous people who like experimentation and going out of their comfort zone. This album is a mix of genres and sounds from jazz, classical to techno and noise.

I thoroughly enjoyed this album it's not your typical psychedelic album, no it's out of the ordinary and unique taking you out of the box and into a new world. You must give Hidden path by Perttu Leinonen a listen.

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