Hey (Original Single) by Eliot Allison

Discover POP Hey (Original Single) by Eliot Allison
 Hey (Original Single) by Eliot Allison Hey (Original Single) by Eliot Allison

The first release from Eliot is an electronic pop track which talks about the signs and their secrets in a relationship. I heard so much uniqueness in this song. The melodies were thunderous and the vocals were rich, the lyrics were heartwarming and trendy, while the groover was simple and progressive. I feel like I'm going on a journey of mysterious feelings and exploring what I've never experienced before. Try listening to this track, maybe you'll find out some new stuff you didn't know existed

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Eliot Allison is a multi-dimensional artist - as well as playing in Orchestras, Indie bands and recently working as a composer/musician with Theatre companies in the South-west, he has had art exhibitions in London, Berlin, and China and holds an MA from the Royal College of Art. He is also part of a filmmaking collective with his mum. Eliot embraces all media, constantly seeking the best route possible to intimate artistic communication. In an age of social distance, Hey is his attempt to open up the fixed and bring out the foreign.

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