Help Us Get Along By DANIEL YOUNG


Daniel Young just dropped "Help Us Get Along", the lead single from his eagerly anticipated upcoming album Leave It Out To Dry. Those familiar with Young's incredible style won't be surprised by the masterful musicianship on display, but this may be his most ambitious work yet. With a release date of February 2, 2024, Leave It Out To Dry is poised to cement Daniel’s status as one of rock and soul's most vibrant new voices.

As the massive wall of guitar and brass announces itself at the beginning of the song, I was taken aback by the boldness and confidence of the arrangement. Lead lines weave in and out over the driving rhythm section, conjuring images of a spirited late-night jam session. Daniel is in top form, hitting great notes with grit and presence. Dense textures enrich the arrangement into a richly textured opus. No part feels unnecessary - each element plays an important role in building the atmosphere. The recording has a lived-in, retro analog flavor while maintaining pristine clarity across all frequencies. You can pick out each instrument in the full-bodied mix. It's an artist's work fully in control of their sound and vision.

With many years of experience under his belt across many well-received albums, Daniel Young is now hitting a creative peak on Leave It Out To Dry. This promises to be his most diverse and accomplished work to date, based on the staggering new single "Help Us Get Along". While his early work showed flashes of brilliance, you can hear him stretching into new territories of expression on "Help Us Get Along" regarding songwriting, vocal delivery, and sonic textures. The track is a tour de force that points to great things ahead for the full Leave It Out To Dry listening experience. Pre-orders are currently underway for vinyl and CD formats exclusively via Daniel Young's Bandcamp page, so be sure to head there to pre-order the full Leave It Out To Dry album released on February 2nd to receive it upon release. In the meantime, you can immediately get your first taste of the magic to come by streaming "Help Us Get Along" on major platforms like Spotify.

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