Help On the Way By ARI JOSHUA


Music has a magical ability to bring people together, and Ari Joshua’s new rendition of the Grateful Dead classic "Help on the Way" is a testament to that power. Ari was able to conjure up a lineup of remarkably talented musicians for the session that turned into a transcendent new portrayal of Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter’s timeless song.

The lyrics for "Help on the Way" touch on deep existential themes of personal growth and finding meaning through challenging oneself. References to "dreams" and receiving "help" from cosmic or mythical entities give the song a mystical, otherworldly quality that feels ever-lasting and open to interpretation.

Drummer John Kimock proved the ideal timekeeper, laying down a floating groove that cradled the song. His touch allowed plenty of spaciousness for the other players to glide in and out of the mix freely, guiding the piece through ebbs and flows. Bassist Andy Hess anchored everything with his vibrant, melodic lines, but also knew when to pull back subtly for maximum atmospheric effect.

As is often the case with the best musicians, unspoken communication seemed to flow with ease between the musicians. The talented artists sculpted a shining musical landscape full of gorgeous imagery. Eden Ladin’s keyboard accents wafted on the sonic winds like ghostly characters in a dream. His fluid touch brought a new dimension to Hunter’s brilliant lyrics.

Between his deft versions of cherished Grateful Dead tunes and a clear dedication to Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter’s oeuvre, Ari Joshua continues to secure his place among the hard-working custodians of the psychedelic legacy. With transformative reworkings like this new "Help on the Way," he proves that classic rock standards still have untapped dimensions of beauty to uncover when placed in the right creative orbit.

You can now stream Ari Joshua's majestic new rendition of "Help on the Way" on all major platforms. You can also follow the artist to check out his other creative projects. By supporting artists such as Ari and this amazing lineup of players, we can help keep the psychedelic spirit of the Grateful Dead thriving for new generations to discover.

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