It has been nearly 30 years since classically trained composer Carsten Schnell debuted his album 'Adjust' in 1992. His sound sculptures showcased an idiosyncratic style that foreshadowed his identity as an artist willing to challenge the status quo. With cascading waves of phaser-modulated multi-tone sequencers overlaying lush chord progressions, Carsten Schnell built a song that confounded expectations of what electronic music could achieve.

Critics of the time compared Schnell's innovative textures to the expressive neoclassical works of Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis, yet 'Adjust' surpassed its influences with the sophistication of layered timbres. Schnell utilizes analog reverberation on simple synth melodies to provide the illusion of dreamlike serene structures phasing in and out of the mix. His deft control of mixing and mastering supplies his compositions with an immersive quality ahead of the digital era.

Carsten Schnell's recent run of new singles affirms his regained footing, especially with the single \"Heiss!\" which I am very excited to talk about today. He continues this ascension with a sophisticated amalgamation of 1990s rave aesthetics and today's entertainment trends. Complex, shifting polyrhythms propel the track through its monumental build. Layer by layer, it unveils new textural riches with every listen. Moreover, its evocation of a sultry summertime atmosphere couldn't feel more timely - or make its German title any more apt - as global temperatures continue to rise each year. Characterized by its consistent, opaque texture, "Heiss!" sustains a numbing yet disorienting state. It summons effortless night dancing with no imposition or attachment, the ideal partner for thoughtless summer bliss. "Heiss!" is a song designed to numb, to allow the listener to be carried away by softened, meaningless body movements towards the heart of the dance floor.

I have been a proud and ardent fan of Carsten Schnell for a very long time, so I'm thrilled to see him back with "Heiss!" The thousands of Spotify streams show how his fan base has expanded tremendously, and it makes me delighted to see that. For all these years, he has remained committed to his work, and for that, he deserves every bit of respect. I'm eager to see what Carsten Schnell has planned for the future and follow his muse wherever it may go.

As climate change renders record levels of heat the new normal, 'Heiss!' Serves as an apt musical metaphor for planetary fever. Its summery bounce sums up the paradoxical desire for escapism. There will never be another artist quite like him. Thank you for all the beautiful music, Carsten! Be sure to stream "Heiss!" online now to fully enjoy his art.

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