Haunted By Myself (Original Single) By THE SURVIVAL CODE

TOP BEST HITS Haunted By Myself (Original Single) By THE SURVIVAL CODE

The London-based rock duo The Survival Code is breaking through the music scene and making waves with their electrifying fusion of guitar riffs and assertive drums. This awesome project has been steadily gaining listeners and fans over the last four years with their distinctive sound.

The Survival Code's signature song "So Serious" boasts more than 1.6 million streams on Spotify, indicating the duo's capacity to enter the musical mainstream. With an average of 20k monthly listeners tuning in, it's clear that the musicians are generating real buzz within rock circles.

This year, The Survival Code is pushing their talents even further with an ambitious project titled "12 in 12 of 2023." Set to release one new single per month, the band recently dropped their seventh track of the year titled "Haunted By Myself."

Released on July 14th, "Haunted By Myself" captivates with its big guitar riffs, thumping drums, and exploration of mental health themes. The song kicks off with an attention-grabbing riff that sets the tone for the energetic verses and potent chorus that follows.

The guitar playing throughout "Haunted By Myself" takes center stage, propelling the song ahead at a frenetic speed and crafting a haunting atmosphere. The drums provide a perfect rhythmic counterpoint, accelerating into the powerful chorus. Both instruments work together to build the song into an anthemic rock anthem. Vocals processed with effects complement the fantastic style, taking on a haunting and gravelly tone that matches the song's themes.

In an era where pop-rock dominates the airwaves, The Survival Code stands out by sticking close to their roots in the guitar-driven rock genre. "Haunted By Myself" exemplifies an authentic rock sound with its heavy drums, freight train guitar riffs, and full-throttle energy from start to finish.

The duo’s ability to generate infectious melodies and wield great dynamics like a skilled surgeon bodes well for their future. So support the talented duo by streaming "Haunted By Myself" on Spotify, following The Survival Code's social profiles, and sharing their music with fellow rock enthusiasts. Musical projects like The Survival Code prove that great rock music is alive and well - you just have to know where to find it.


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