Hatemail (Original Video) By Jeremy Amato

TOP BEST HITS Hatemail (Original Video) By Jeremy Amato

Jeremy Amato is a well-established music producer and audio engineer with expertise in Ableton Live, Logic Pro, and Pro Tools. Jeremy is a talented Los Angeles artist who has been playing instruments from a very young age. Dedicated to his art, he's built the skills to craft his songs and productions.

Influenced by the likes of Nirvana, Kid Cudi, Lil Peep, and Oliver Tree, Jeremy has dedicated his talent to creating genre-bending music that combines a mix of future-bass, art-pop/hip-hop, and alternative art rock and transforming them into his own unique style that is truly incredible to listen to. In his own words, Jeremy has defined this genre as "grungy electronic rap-pop".

"Hatemail" is the name of Jeremy Amato's most excellent song, and it is truly a song that you should be listening to as the energy vibes this song gives out are through the roof. Jeremy seems to have planned a set of releases that foretell the colors of the rainbow. The singles he plans on releasing soon are "Yellow," which he has dedicated to synesthesia, or "seeing colors" in music. Every subsequent release will go deeper into this theme until the rainbow is complete. Also, be sure to check out the amazing music video accompanying this new release on his Youtube channel.

Jeremy is by no standard a small artist. With over 20,000 Youtube views on his latest song 'Hatemail,' in a period of 30 days, he's shooting towards stardom with nothing to stop him. He also has a solid Spotify activity with over 6,700 monthly listeners and over 400,000 streams on his music, 'HateMail' being number one with over 180,000 streams. So, what are you waiting for? Check out this artist and show him the support and recognition he deserves and help him become global. Who knows maybe one day he'll be performing live in your country. Also, be sure to check out his website to remain up to date with his latest projects and music releases.

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