TOP BEST HITSHarmonium (Original Album) by Patrick Ames

July 15, 2022 by saiidzeidan
Harmonium (Original Album) by Patrick Ames Harmonium (Original Album) by Patrick Ames

Harmonium (Original Album) by Patrick Ames a classic rock 80s vibe album. Harmonium is a 7 track album that is a chill relaxing listen that would be perfect to enjoy while sipping on sangria next to the beach waves.

Patrick Ames has a rough and deep vocal range that is a pleasure for the ears, and beats that are astounding and ear opening. Patrick is a singer/songwriter, while he does great at the singing part, he is a literal lyrical genius. the lyrics to his tracks are easy, catchy, and heavily relatable, exactly what is needed for a songs success.

one of my favorite tracks in this album is 'DontChaWanna' about wanting to quit your job and just have some fun in your life, which is exactly what people are trying to get the courage to do. 'DontChaWanna' will get stuck in your head for the near foreseeable future.

You should definitely give this album a listen, It is a great 80s relaxing classic rock bundle.

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