Hardcore By HERA


Hera has released another hit that has added to her already impressive catalog. Her new single "Hardcore" showcases why fans worldwide go to her shows and stream her music on repeat. She knows how to blend genres in a way that leaves you grooving.

Between the 10 albums she's dropped over the years while also touring, it's no surprise Hera's got songwriting down to a science. Each track puts her spin on something different, whether it's blues-tinged rockers or jazzy pop numbers.

"Hardcore" takes on more of an ethereal, jazzy vibe with layered guitars and floating keyboards swirling all around her hushed vocals, painting such a hypnotic sonic landscape. It has this chill, melodic vibe that I find so relaxing. The spacey guitar tones and keyboard fills drifting casually throughout give it a dreamy jazz club ambiance.

Amidst the jazzy musical backdrop, Hera's raspy vocals provide the centering anchor. Her distinctive voice glides over the instrumentation, tying the whole sound together beautifully. The way she marries her smoky tones with the flow of the arrangement is mesmerizing. She knows exactly when to lay back and when to belt out a note, seducing the listener further into her world with each listen.

I just can't get enough of Hera's wonderful music! She's got it all, a powerhouse set of vocals with awesome range, and that jazzy pop/rock style of hers is just the best. Even after all these years and 10 albums, she finds new ways to wow me with her diverse skills. Anytime I find a new favorite musician, it's so cool. But Hera for sure left a big impression. Her voice is next-level, and the songs she writes show how talented she is at so many things.

As someone who appreciates putting in the work and being creative, I highly recommend checking out all of Hera's music, especially "Hardcore". Spanning her whole epic discography of albums over the years, you can see her grow and try new sounds. It's really rewarding to follow her journey. Each record shows her progression and the risks she takes. If you love music, her catalog is 100% worth your time to explore.

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