Happy Girl (Original Single) By GAZ

JUST ROCK Happy Girl (Original Single) By GAZ

Your favorite rock band GAZ is back with their latest new release "Happy Girl" so hold on tight because this latest release is about to rock your world. After their massive success with their latest album "WaterGazed", the band released "Happy Girl" inspired by actual events that occurred to Joseph, the song is a true rock-N-roll masterpiece.

"Happy Girl" is a song written about an angel Joseph met on Tinder. The beauty of his Tinder date impacts him so much that he has to write a song about it. The greatest part about GAZ is the creativity, talent, and dedication to their work. While the story's events occurred in modern times, the band found a way to backtrail it to the great 80s theme rock and retold the story as if it was occurring during the peaks of Rock N Roll. "Happy Girl" has a lot of incredible tunes and enough guitar solos to get a true rock fan on his feet.

GAZ is a trio band with Joseph on lead vocals and bass, Jordi on lead guitar and background vocals, and Albert on drums. With each of the three delivering pure talent and energy behind their instrument, the sky does seem to be the limit for these three. The band is heavily influenced by classical legends like The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Who, The Beatles, CCR, ZZ Top, T-Rex, and Led Zeppelin. With such artists influencing GAZ's performance, it becomes clearer why this trio is releasing hit after hit.

We look forward to seeing how successful this latest release will be since this trio is known for breaking all boundaries and has already released several massively successful albums. While the band has a modest social media presence, they do rock over 6500 Spotify monthly listeners; an already very well-established fan base that listens to them regularly.

So, hop on Spotify and get streaming "Happy Girl" and let the days of Rock N Roll resonate through you in energy and fun.

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