Hamster Wheel By SAM FEINSTEIN


Sam Feinstein's new song "Hamster Wheel" perfectly captures the frustration many feel being stuck in an unfulfilling job just to afford basic living expenses. With an uplifting 80s-inspired synth-pop beat, it's easy to find yourself subconsciously bopping along even as the lyrics speak to the challenges of modern life.

The pulsing synth bassline that underlies the whole song sets an unrelenting pace that evokes the daily grind and perpetual motion of life on the hamster wheel, meanwhile, sparkling arpeggiated synths flutter above like cartoon birds, keeping the tone light and lifting the spirits.

As the verses unfold, Feinstein’s smooth vocals float above the synths with a relaxed deliverance that belies the song’s social commentary. His honeyed vocals are coated in just the right amount of sweetness to sound nostalgically vintage while maintaining crystal clarity. The song’s topic of feeling trapped in a dead-end job with little hope of escape from the wheel is sugarcoated in his upbeat melodies and blithe lyrics. It’s a masterclass in using positivity and melody to disseminate an important social issue in an approachable, digestible manner.

The chorus is like a wall of shimmering synth chords burst like fireworks as Feinstein’s pristine vocals soar to new heights. Each subsequent verse builds complex textures and greater sonic texture around Feinstein’s vocals. Throughout, the song maintains an infectious pop giddiness that elevates its social commentary into feel-good anthem territory. Despite addressing the real struggles of insecurity, imbalance, and stagnation, Feinstein expertly packages the message in delightfully rhythmic sonic wrapping paper.

From start to finish, "Hamster Wheel" puts on a masterful dance party that slyly educates and inspires. The song soundtracks the daily grind with a tune that lifts spirits and leaves the listener feeling motivated, not defeated. A song this anthemic just might help kickstart that much-needed change. So if you find yourself in need of a mid-day pick me up, or if you just want a catchy song that's impossible not to dance to, I can't recommend 'Hamster Wheel' enough. Give it a spin and let Sam’s lyrics fuel your spirits. You'll be singing and dancing along in no time, and maybe even feel inspired to make some positive changes.

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