Hala Bikom (Original Single) by Yelgo7

HYPE Hala Bikom (Original Single) by Yelgo7

Yelgo7 blesses us with a new release, Hala Bikom (Original Single) is a tribute to the biggest positive event that has happened in a while, the Qatar football world cup. Hala Bikom (Original Single) is a mesmerizing exotic track that is a mix between modern pop and rap a beautiful combination that will have you playing it on repeat.

Hala Bikom (Original Single) is an impressive track that features modern pop beats and mixes them with exotic Arabian-style tunes that will entrance you like a snake charmer charms his cobra, not to mention that this single is sung in a mix of 3 languages, English, Arabic, and Spanish. Meant to bridge cultures together this single does its job perfectly through showcasing how we all unite for the world cup and including different languages to show how beautiful merging different cultures and languages can be.

Yelgo7 the talented artist who wrote and vocalized this track teamed up with accomplished music engineer Greg Recchia to make the banger that is "Hala Bikom", they both worked together to make this track come to life and even recorded the live claps together in the studio to enhance "Hala Bikom" with their authenticity.

I am in love with the positive vibe and energy this track carries it is a true gift to the world in these hard times. You must give Hala Bikom (Original Single) by Yelgo7 a listen, you will not regret it, in fact I guarantee that it will be stuck in your head for the faceable future. Don't forget to follow and like all Yelgo7 social media to always be updated with his latest news and releases.

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