Deep Dive Species have returned with their new album called "Habitat"! This electronic/guitar duo consists of Vadim Militsin and Sergiy Popovich. With their sophomore album, they offer more of a relaxing vibe, but still reward you if you really listen closely and focus on the details.

Across 16 different tracks that last over 44 minutes total, Deep Dive Species have created a world for you to get immersed in through sound. As you listen, it can soothe you, but also stimulate your mind to think deeply about things. The album was inspired by Militsin's solo travels in the beautiful country of Costa Rica.

The first song "Habitat" starts with such beautiful acoustic guitar playing. Then slowly, some light percussion is added to the mix. It's calming, relaxing and is a great opining for this album.

"Consequence" really puts you right in the moment. It feels just like what it would be like to take a dive underwater - it's so quiet and still at first. You can almost hear nothing at all. "Triple Peaks" has a moodier texture that swirls all around. It's easy to picture a scene from an old film noir movie while listening. The richness of the guitar lines gives it a real moody, bluesy vibe.
"Unconditional" is almost 2 minus of pure beauty. The layers of the guitar and the soaring melody are sweet, and rich to listen to.

I highly recommend listening to "Afraid Of Our Own Kind" with headphones on. The rhythms bounce between your left and right ears, it's a really neat effect. You can hear more little details that way too. "Always Stay With Me No More" stands out as having a brighter, poppier sound compared to the others, thanks to the electric guitar. It's quite a sunny song overall.

"No Snow, No Joy" just fills you with so many emotions. The twinkling sounds really lift your feelings up high. And that vocal harmony, it goes straight to your heart in the best way.

The album closes with "Back to Elsinore," which is perfect for late nights. It guides you down dark and winding paths in your mind as you listen closely to the ambience. Another great one to appreciate with headphones!

Across its 16 movements, "Habitat" flows like a continuous journey, its rhythms and tones shifting and expanding with the patience of the tides. Space and silence are just as vital as the notes themselves, allowing moments to linger and revelations to emerge gradually. The album rewards close listening with hidden depths and subtle connections between movements. Its calm and encompassing soundscape offers respite for focused immersion.

For Deep Dive Species, "Habitat" represents a maturation from their debut's exuberance into a more conceptual and self-assured artistic statement. Fans of their textured blend of electronics and guitar will find much to appreciate in its reflective qualities and attention to sonic detail. With "Habitat," Militsin and Popovich cultivate an absorbing musical habitat that merits repeat visits to uncover new layers. Stream it online today.

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