Guillotine By ADELINA


Adelina is back and fiercer than ever with her latest single "Guillotine" - and yes, it is a BOP. This underground pop princess has been on my radar for a while, and she's continued to deliver addictive tracks that make you feel like the baddest person in the room. Originally from Perth in Australia, Adelina's family is also from Kosovo in Europe. So she grew up speaking Albanian at home. That gave her a unique mix of cultures. She's got that laid-back Aussie vibe but also incorporates her European roots into her style, it makes her music stand out.

Produced by the insanely talented Audur Luthersson in LA, this track has a signature Adelina sound, fast-paced electronic vibes fused with a subtle Vogue influence that will make you feel like you're slaying the runway. Audur is super talented at making fast electronic music with a little Vogue style mixed in. Adelina explained the catchy part came to her while watching MMA fights of all things. Can you believe fighting inspired such a sexy jam?

The lyrics will have you feeling like a total hottie! It's super fun to dance to with a part that gets stuck in your head. But it also has a little edge of danger. Audur did an amazing job with the music, all layered and synthy to keep you moving plus a big bass that pounds. And Adelina floats over it all with her smoky voice. The bassline plays a huge role as well. I love how the bass uses different notes too, it doesn't just stay on one sound the whole time. They're changing it up to keep things interesting. But it all fits together so well and holds everything down. Without that bass, the track wouldn't hit as hard.

The song shows how Adelina is a fierce and stunning artist. She's comfortable with her femininity and uses it to feel powerful. Adelina is pushing her limits with this release. She does her own thing and doesn't care what anyone thinks. That's awesome to see from an artist. So many pop songs are about the same old love stuff. But this song is different. It's bold and says what it wants to say.

This new sound she's bringing is the future of pop music. It's fun, sexy, and unique. And she owns it. This is a song that makes a statement. It's saying Adelina is here, and she's going to pop her way. If you want to hear this certified hit for yourself, you can stream "Guillotine" on Spotify right now.

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