Got What You Wanted (Original Single) By Jillie

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Jillie, the talented singer, returned with a stunning comeback, a soul-crushing track titled "Got What You Wanted". This is a song that brings you to your knees and makes you question the fragility of life and the beauty of memories. It's a song about losing someone who meant the world to you and realizing that they are a part of who you are.

The track is slow and haunting, the keys of the piano carry so much emotion and sentiment that it's almost like you can hear the singer's soul pouring out. The vocals are powerful, and the production is top-notch, but what truly makes this song stand out are the lyrics. The verses are so intimate, so personal, that it feels like Jillie is singing directly to you, sharing her grief.

One of the lines that shattered me was, "Like pictures and movies just shouldn't be real / They dig up the past sometimes I forget / Then i can't move on cause it's making me sad." These lyrics perfectly capture the pain of loss and the struggle to move on. The singer compares memories of her mother to pictures and movies, suggesting that they are no longer real because she has passed away. The memories of her mother dig up the past, and at times, the singer forgets, but then she can't move on because the memories bring back feelings of sadness and anger. The singer doesn't want to feel that way, but it's hard to escape the pain of losing someone who was so important to her.

Another lyric that hit me right in the feels was, "Years have been stolen / From you and me / I move forward that's all I can do / I keep out the pictures in frames just of you." This line speaks to the feeling of time being taken away, and the struggle to move forward. The singer knows she has to keep moving forward, but it's a difficult road. She keeps pictures of her mother in frames as a way of remembering her, but she doesn't want to be overwhelmed by the memories.

This song is a reminder that loss is a part of life, and that we have to keep moving forward, even when it feels like the weight of the world is on our shoulders. The song is a beautiful tribute to the singer's mother and a reminder of the love and memories that will never die.

Overall, "Got What You Wanted" is a soul-stirring masterpiece that will have you clinging to your loved ones and appreciating the memories you have with them. Jillie truly poured her heart into her pen and created a track that will stay with you long after the last note fades away. If you haven't already, I highly recommend checking out the song on streaming platforms or Jillie's Bandcamp page and following her for more music that will touch your soul.

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