Goodbye so long By CLASH OF SUN


I'm taking you on a journey across the seas to faraway Northern Germany. Our destination? A little desert oasis known as Clash of Sun.

Clash of Sun first emerged onto the scene in 2011 with a powerful, guitar-driven sound, drawing influence from Queens of the Stone Age and other California desert legends, their debut "Hit It" signaled the arrival of a promising new act. Their latest release, "Goodbye So Long" is the ideal introduction to Clash of Sun's new sound, easing you into their groove with hard, pulsating guitars and fantastic percussion.

"Goodbye So Long" is a straight-ahead rocker. Chugging power chords and a steady backbeat provide the foundation over which dual guitars weave fluid, interlacing lines. It makes you want to crank it up and cruise down the open highway with the windows down. Yet for all its straightforward energy, the track reveals new nuances with each play. Little accents and changes in tone and color emerge from the mix, like hidden treasures for the attentive listener.

Beyond just the song itself, the production quality on "Overhaul" marks Clash of Sun's maturation as musicians. Everything sits perfectly in the mix, with each element distinct yet meshed together effortlessly. You can hear the care and attention they've put into working on their skills over the years. It's a polished, pro sound but still retains that gritty organic edge that keeps it from being too slick.

The band manages to deliver such a big, rousing sound while still maintaining an enveloping vibe. Even with all the loud guitars and heavily distorted tones commanding attention, they don't depend on that; the musicianship and melodies do the work instead. It doesn't just blast at 11 the whole time. There's a tasty flow that keeps things interesting.

At just over four minutes, "Goodbye so long" leaves you wanting more. It's a finely crafted rock gem with mass appeal. Clash of Sun proves they can satisfy fans of their earlier style while also hooking new listeners with this smooth, bouncy single. You should be playing "Goodbye so long" on a loop. Make sure you stream it today across your primary streaming platform.

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