Goesting (Original Single)By Ruud Voesten

TOP BEST HITS Goesting (Original Single)By Ruud Voesten

As we sit here with our headphones on, deeply immersed in the latest single release by Ruud Voesten, "Goesting", we can't help but feel the raw emotion and fervency behind every note played. It’s always exciting to discover new artists and reach into their creative process. In this case, Ruud Voesten has frankly outdone himself and created something completely remarkable and soul-stirring.

When Covid-19 hit the world in March 2020, many were forced to take a step back and re-evaluate their lives. For Ruud Voesten, the bandleader and composer behind ROEST and Branie, this meant diving headfirst into one of the world's most famous literary works from the Dark Ages: Dante Alighieri's Inferno. This timeless chef-d'oeuvre explores the depths of love and society, as Dante descends through the ten rings of hell and confronts the seven capital sins. With the lockdown as a catalyst, Ruud used this mandatory free time to reflect on his own personal connection to these sins and put his emotions and thoughts to music.

The result of this introspective journey is "Goesting". The inspiration behind this masterwork comes from the Ring of Lust, where the carnal malefactors are buffeted back and forth by the terrible winds of a violent storm. As the lovers drifted into self-indulgence and were carried away by their passions, so now they drift forever. The composed material reflects the desiring passion of the sinners, which ultimately reaches no completion or peace of mind. It's a sincerely romantic, dark, and tragic piece that touches the soul of anyone who listens.

The lineup for this single release is nothing short of stellar, with Mo van der Does on alto saxophone, Wietse Voermans on tenor saxophone, Koen Schalkwijk on grand piano, Tijs Klaassen on double bass, and of course, Ruud Voesten himself on drums and composition. Every member brings their unique sound and style, adding to the overall depth and complexity of the piece. The recording and mixing were done by Micha de Kanter, while the mastering was done by the skillful Wessel Oltheten. The entire process was completed at the renowned Fattoria Musica studio in Germany.

It's clear that Ruud Voesten has poured his heart and soul into "Goesting", and it shows in every aspect of the piece. From the unforgettable melodies to the intricate rhythms, every note is played with precision and zeal. "Goesting" by Ruud Voesten is a must-listen for any music lover out there. Check out this musical masterpiece on Spotify and save it to your playlists straight away. Make sure to keep up with Ruud Voesten and his gifted team members by following their official social media accounts, so you know when they launch new songs.

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