Glory Be (Original Single) By JEÁN ET JOIE

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Let me introduce you to Jeán et Joie—an exquisite fusion of mournful folk and transcendental joy, curated by the enigmatic artist and songwriter, Grey Jeán. In a symphonic voyage through heavenly realms and earthly wonders, their music threads a sound of poetic storytelling, with each note infused with raw emotion and unwavering integrity.

A testament to their musical genesis lies in Grey's upbringing amidst angelic harmonies and polyphonic hymns, emanating from their talented siblings' angelic voices. It was through trials and tribulations in the heart of Mountain Home, Arkansas, that Grey found their soulful voice and gave birth to their introspective compositions.

The band's latest single "Glory Be" showcases their euphoric folk sound. The mesmerizing song has inspiring meditative lyrics that explore themes of faith, pain, and love. Combining hazy biblical imagery with a touching reflection on the human experience, "Glory Be" captures the listener with its poetic exploration of life's big questions. The gentle yet deep-moving track serves as a fine example of the band's thoughtful and emotionally resonant style of music.

"And as the crow flies, there's nowhere that I'd rather be," they croon wistfully in the opening lines, the vocals filled with raw yearning. The chorus swells with rich harmonies as they plead "Glory be, glory please," the religious overtones subtly interwoven with themes of relationships and identity. "Can you try to remind me why we all came down to the bar? 'Cos there's a hurricane out, and there's somethin' bout drownin'."

With "Glory Be," Jeán et Joie offer a baptism into their evocative musical vision—one that seamlessly fuses secular and sacred yearnings into a transcendent folk land. Grey's poetic storytelling and magnetizing vocals guide the listener through rich sonic textures, each lyric and note infused with raw vulnerability.

Jeán et Joie have already cemented their status as visionary artists breathing new life into folk music. Their unique fusion of genres, undeniable authenticity, and gift for storytelling ensures their mystique and magnetism will only continue tantalizing listeners.

So prepare to be enthralled, transported, and profoundly moved by these transcendent folk phenoms. A bewitching journey awaits with Jeán et Joie at the helm - where will their celestial music take you? Give "Glory Be" a listen, and follow the band to always stay updated on their future releases.

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