Glock (Original Single) By LOVE GHOST

TOP BEST HITS Glock (Original Single) By LOVE GHOST

Love Ghost is back with another astonishing banger, but this time he's joined by a very special guest - Mexican rapper Dan Garcia. Their new collaborative track "GLOCK" is a phenomenal mix of trap metal, hardcore rapping, and Love Ghost's signature vocals.

Inspired by both artists' love of competitive fighting, "GLOCK" sees Love Ghost and Dan Garcia channeling their inner beasts. Dan has competed as a wrestler since his youth, while Love Ghost has trained in martial arts his whole life. Their appreciation for MMA and boxing is evident throughout the track's furious and combative energy. Produced by frequent Dan Garcia collaborator Eipi, "GLOCK" was recorded in Mexico and kicks off with a punishing riff beneath Dan's snarling Spanish verses.

"GLOCK" rides a relentless tidal wave of hard-hitting industrial beats and a crushing guitar line. Eipi's production digs the perfect blend of rap and metal textures. The song floats effortlessly between those genres without ever fully committing to one, this flexibility allows Love Ghost and Dan Garcia's respective styles to mesh together cohesively.

Dan begins the track with fast Spanish rhymes. His delivery maintains clarity, making the ideal opening to set Love Ghost up for the main event. And boy, does Love Ghost deliver - his vocals command the track like a metal god. Each grasping scream seeks to pull the listener deeper into the maelstrom.

The song structures also keep things interesting with dynamic shifts in volume, tempo, and intensity. And when you think tranquility may set in, the storm revs back up even stronger than before. Love Ghost and Dan Garcia feed off each other's energy too, pushing each other to greater heights of unhinged performance.

"GLOCK" sees Love Ghost at his most unchained and ferocious. Fans of his hardcore rock inclinations will find much to love, but the track also appeals to listeners across trap metal, hardcore rap, and beyond. It's an extremely well-executed collaboration between Love Ghost and Dan Garcia that deserves chainsaw-like repeat plays. Make sure to check it out on all platforms today and stay tuned for more new heat from these artists going forward. Love Ghost is locked in and loaded up - watch out for whatever he unleashes next.


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