Glimmer EP (Original EP) By The House Flies

HYPE Glimmer EP (Original EP) By The House Flies

The House Flies have just released a brand-new marvelous EP called "Glimmer EP," which has four songs. Numerous artists, including Joy Division, Christian Death, The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, and Bauhaus, that have influenced the solo project.

The album's first track, "Hounds," features deep bass, guitars, and amazing vocals that have been pitched down. The song is the epitome of grunge; it contains every component necessary for a rock indie song, even down to the slightest production detail. Because of how much quality they contribute to the song, the quick drumbeats and vocal delivery are especially noteworthy. He delivered every word with such vigor and force that it seemed like he was increasing the pressure on every syllable.

"Sequin", the second song, has a strong guitar intro that serves as the perfect illustration of how intense and exquisite grunge music can be. It contains heavier, more distorted guitar lines, deeper percussion, and more gritty vocals. My favorite part of the song is the guitar line; it's catchy and will undoubtedly rank the song among the finest grunge songs. The heavy metal guitar riffs also seem classic and have insanely catchy melodic chords that will stay in your head for a while.

Track 3 "Blue" opens with distorted vocals and guitar chords; this song is a fantastic illustration of the passion and feeling of the one-man effort. I couldn't get enough of this one and kept playing the chorus on repeat. "Blue" is unique because it feels so passionate and has such tremendous vocal intensity. You will never grow tired of such a beautiful song.

The EP's final track, "Apple," contains a melodious beat, mid-tempo rhythms, and vocals that are really touching and emotive. This song has become one of my favorites because of the soaring guitar lines and heavy drumming.

The 4-track EP should serve as both a great introduction to the genre for newcomers and a great refresher for devout fans. The House Flies, one of the greatest grunge rock projects currently in progress, perfectly captures the spirit of grunge metal. Every song on this album really stuck in my mind, and I had a great time listening to it. Additionally, you should listen to the release "Glimmer EP" on streaming services and keep up with the band The House Flies on social media.


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